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About Us

The MLG Jewelry Story

MLG Jewelry is a fifth generation fine jeweler. Our business was founded as a wholesale distributor in Cleveland Ohio in 1912.  Until 1998, we strictly sold wholesale jewelry to fine jewelry stores throughout the Midwest. Today, we operate as a father-daughter business selling on a variety of platforms all across the internet.

As the Jewelry business changed with time, we saw our business changing.  In 1998 due to a need to liquidate excess inventory we started selling overstock jewelry inventory through eBay. As eBay and the Internet grew, our business in the eBay marketplace grew tremendously. It truly satisfied us knowing that we were selling great jewelry to nice people for significantly less money than the prices in a typical jewelry store. We saw a niche developing as an online jewelry seller.  In 1999 we opened our own website, www.mlgjewelry.com, which has grown and developed tremendously ever since. In  2005 we began selling in other marketplaces including Overstock Auctions, Amazon.com, Buy.com and Google Shopping. 

How are we able to sell fine jewelry and diamonds for so much less than a traditional jewelry store, or the huge dot com jewelers? The answer is simple, low overhead, tremendous buying power and inventory turn.  We have far less cost of selling and expenses than a traditional jewelry store. We also buy for much less, because we are a cash buyer in the marketplace and buy in huge quantities often taking suppliers entire production runs.  We also have a much faster inventory turn than a traditional store, which is another factor in allowing us to sell at a lower markup.  Why have our own site when we can sell on all these others? Simple, we offer lower prices on our own website.  Why or how can we do this? Again very simple, the cost of selling on our own website is lower than the cost of selling on outside marketplaces, so we are happy to pass that savings along to our customers.

Why buy from MLG? First of all, you will buy similar jewelry to what you would see from a traditional retail outlet for substantially less money. Second, buying from us is risk free. If you are not happy with your purchase simply send it back and your money will be refunded promptly with no questions asked.  Afraid to buy on the Internet? Check out our feedback on eBay, and you will see that 99.5% of eBay members who have purchased from us are happy with the products and service we offer. In fact, most visitors to this site are repeat customers who first purchased from us on eBay.  

Browse our selection; we have over 1000 pairs of Diamond Earrings in stock at all times.  We carry a large selection of diamond pendants including Diamond Solitaire Pendants, Journey Diamond Pendants,  Diamond Hearts, and a great selection of gifts under $99.

Email Us: Amanda@mlgjewelry.net

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